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Dear Mrs. Ryan, You’re Ruining My Life
by Jennifer B. Jones,
now in paperback, $5.95
Walker & Company
ISBN: 0802789056

What do you do when your mother takes embarrassing moments from your life and includes them in books read by kids all over the country? If you’re Harvey Ryan, you come up with a scheme to distract your mom into thinking about anything but writing. So Harvey and his best friend, Seal, decide to set his mom up with a date. But the only single man they know is the school principal...

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The (Short) Story of My Life
by Jennifer B. Jones, $16.95
Walker & Company, 2004
ISBN: 0802789056

When you’re the shortest guy in the sixth grade, standing tall isn’t easy. Michael Jordan does not play basketball. He’s not named after the Michael Jordan. In fact, he doesn’t resemble an NBA player at all. Michael is the shortest boy in his grade, which is a problem for someone starting middle school...

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