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Personal/Family Web Pages

You may submit your personal home page (family and individual) to be posted here. All pages will be reviewed before linking to be sure they are suitable for a family oriented site (no nudity or obscene language, please). The Cortland Connection reserves the right to reject any entries.

Alai Vani
submitted by Jennifer Kumar, former Cortland resident

Randy and Ronnie Miller
submitted by Ronnie Miller, Groton resident

Jeff and Claudette
submitted by Claudette Dayton-Gerdjunis, former Cortland resident

Chris Merkley
Submitted by Chris Merkley, former Cortland County resident

Gina Sikora, Emmanuel Sikora and Bobby Sikora
Submitted by Gina, Emmanuel and Bobby, Cortland residents

Shadowbox Music
Submitted by John West, former resident of Cortland NY

John West's Music
Submitted by John West, former resident of Cortland NY

Mildalia Velazquez's Home Page
Submitted by Mildalia Velazquez, former resident of Cortland NY

Christopher Becker's Home Page
Submitted by Eric Hanson, former resident of Cortland NY

Anna Maria's Home Page
Submitted by Anna Pagan, former resident of Cortland NY

Meadowview Chihuahuas
Submitted by Ryan Mitchell of Homer NY

Susie's Home Page
Submitted by Sue Durkee Morgan of Homer NY

Wickware/Wickwire Family Website
Submitted by Charles F. Wickwire of Denham Springs LA

Nucklebusters Gaming League
submitted by Tom Shingler, Cortland, NY

Nothing Impossible 4 Him
submitted by Robert Leonard, Cortland NY

Susie's Getting Well Page
submitted by Terry Mingle on behalf of Susie's friends and supporters

Astrosci: Space Science Resources for Teachers and Students
submitted by Jim Rienhardt, Marathon NY

Mary's Favorite Loved Ones
submitted by Mary Strong, former Cortland resident

Sturdevant Racing
submitted by Dj Sturdevant of Cortland NY

Teeter Kin
submitted by Laurie S. Dunham of Cortland NY

Sinclair Music
submitted by Christine Johnson Sinclair (former Cortland resident)

JFM's Homepage
submitted by James McConnell, Marathon NY

Mike French, Camera Person
submitted by Mike French (former Cortland resident)

My Politically And Socially Incorrect WebPage
submitted by Brad Havington, Port Orange FL (former Cortland resident)

Welcome to Jen's Wonderland
submitted by Jennifer Polan, Cortland NY

Tobatana Marimba Ensemble
submitted by Emil Rinaldi, former Cortland resident.

The Randall Report
submitted by Brian Randall, Cortland NY

submitted by Terry Glover, Cortland NY

submitted by Edward Van Slyke Jr, Cortland NY

Redneck Mom's Country Cabin
submitted by Mary Holland, Tully NY